NCPSG is a Volunteer Run Organization

Volunteers Make Our Organization Work

First-time visitors comment on how well organized our meetings are.  It works because many volunteers share the load, and bring their own creativity to whatever needs to be done.  Volunteers are the wheels on our bus - and without them, we’d grind to a stop!

And just because a position, a function, appears to currently be filled, we all need back-ups. Its just as in our Parkinson’s journey: we need a back-up, a contingency plan, for when availability changes… and it can change without warning!  Talk to group leaders, committee chairs, or other volunteers to see where you might fit in. 

Volunteer Opportunities

GREETERS welcome and check-in members & guests. You can also volunteer in other ways including room set-up/breakdown, and sound system set-up.

REFRESHMENTS (all sites) volunteers help prepare, lay out and clean-up refreshments. Donated refreshments are appreciated, and should be scheduled with Sally Sporrer Oceanside, Eva Zamora La Costa, Irene Miller Fallbrook, Sue DeWinter Rancho Bernardo.

LIBRARIAN ASSISTANTS encourage attendees to preview material and be substitute Librarian as needed. Contact Madonna Bingham.

SOCIAL COMMITTEE plans and facilitates small group socials, annual summer social, holiday luncheon and other group events. Contact Sam Cooper.

REPORTERS gather newsworthy ideas and write member profiles for NCPSG Newsletter to share with our members. Contact Paul Dawson.

NEWSLETTER DISTRIBUTION TEAM stuffs copies in envelopes for mailing and carries printed copies to libraries, senior centers, doctors’ offices monthly.

WEBMASTER and WEB ASSISTANT maintain our communications via the NCPSG website - updating information and searching for better ways to communicate with participants and the public.   Contact Caryl Parrish.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS envision new directions to better meet the needs of our participants, our purpose and goals, and handle administrative duties ensuring smooth operations.   Contact any member of the Board of Directors